Esteli: Cigars, Murals, and Nightlife

This past weekend I headed north to Esteli for a weekend of preliminary research. Esteli is a tobacco producing region in Nicaragua’s northern highlands. I was there to research tobacco but found so much more. After finishing some work I walked around the city to get my bearings. The city felt strangely familiar, I think it reminded me of a city back home. The central park and church were exactly what I came to expect from Nicaragua, stunning.


After touring the city I returned to my hotel which is owned by a group of partners in the cigar business. There is a humidor in the lobby so I was able to buy and test some fine cigars on site which was convenient.  Image


Finally I took Sunday document the amazing murals that dot the city. I couldn’t believe the amount and quality of the murals in Esteli.


After a self tour of the art I retired back to my hotel and watched the World Series game with the very friendly bartender. After the game I was given a tour of the local nightlife by the hotel bartender, it was a blast. Esteli is a great town filled with kind people, I can not wait to go back.

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