Amazing Nicaragua

       While on exchange at La UAM (Universidad Americana), I am living in Managua. People describe Managua as hot and unorganized, but what many fail to realize is that the city is the perfect home-base for the weekend traveler. There are so many amazing places to go that are close and affordable to get to from Managua. The country never fails to amaze me with its beauty and diversity when I travel outside of the city. Recently I took a trip to Selva Negra, a stunning cloud forest reserve and coffee plantation only two hours by bus (75 cordobas/ 3 USD) north of Managua. The reserve was great, I spent the whole weekend hiking, relaxing, and drinking some of the best coffee I’ve had. The best part of the whole trip was the weather! It was actually cool and breezy the whole time I was there. I woke up cold a couple mornings, something that is much needed while living in Managua. While drinking coffee I also had the great fortune of meeting Mr. Eddy, the resident author, historian, and protector of local culture. We had the most interesting conversation about the history of coffee, tobacco, and Nicaragua in general. I had to really convince myself to leave the reserve, it was absolutely amazing in every way.




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